Professional email service

No website. No hosting. No problem

Professional email service

No website. No hosting. No problem

Professional email service

Everything for your email needs

Extilum Professional email service works with any domain name you own – even if it’s registered, hosted, or parked elsewhere.

10GB Mail

€ 1,65


SAVE 58%

Renews at € 3,95 / mo.*

Billed annually

10 Mailboxes Included

10 Aliases
10 Mailing lists
100 Hourly Emails
10GB Email Storage

50GB Mail

€ 6,65


SAVE 21%

Renews at € 8,45 / mo.*

Billed annually

50 Mailboxes Included

50 Aliases
50 Mailing lists
300 Hourly Emails
50GB Email Storage

100GB Mail

€ 12,65


SAVE 18%

Renews at € 15,45 / mo.*

Billed annually

Unlimited Mailboxes Included

Unlimited Aliases
100 Mailing lists
500 Hourly Emails
100GB Email Storage

*  Tax not included
* Discount is calculated at the checkout

Included With Every Professional email service Plan

Collaboration features

Never stress about security

Advanced security measures protect your accounts from spam, malware, ransomware, attacks, and etc.

Accessible and Intuitive

With Extilum, you can stay connected to your email whenever and wherever you work.

Stay up and running

Extilum offers a guaranteed service uptime, zero data loss, and 24/7 support.

Professional email service Features

Email Filters

Email Filters

Filter the email for each email account in your domain. An email filter allows you to set a rule for incoming messages. If a message matches that rule, the system can automatically act on that message.

Spam Filters

Configure the spam filter settings (Apache SpamAssassin™) for your account. Spam filters identify and sort or delete unsolicited (spam) email. Also, you can configure your whitelist and blacklist settings.

Global Email Filters

This feature helps you configure how your server filters all incoming emails for your domain. Emails can be discarded, redirected to another email address, filed to a folder, or more.


Filter spam with the verification process. When an email is received, BoxTrapper automatically sends a verification email in response. The sender must complete the verification process so that the email can go to inbox.

Advantages of Professional email service

Email Deliverability

Identify problems with your mail-related DNS records for one or more of your domains. The system uses these records to verify that other servers can trust it as a sender.

Email Disk Usage

View all of your mailboxes and remove old or large messages. Mass-delete email messages to free up disk space. Delete email based on size, date, whether messages have been viewed, and many other variables.

Address Importer

Create multiple email addresses or forwarders for your account simultaneously. You may use Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet files (.xls) or comma-separated values files (.csv) to import data.

Calendar Delegation

Delegate access rights for a user’s calendars to other users. This advantage is useful for people needing to manage other people’s calendars or manage resources such as conference rooms.

Benefits of email service

ConfigServer MailScanner

Powerful tool for you to Control and Manage email Scanning for SPAM and Viruses, direct from cPanel. You can configure:

  • Actions for SPAM and virus scanning
  • Whitelists and blacklists
  • Low and high score settings
  • Forwarding email address for SPAM
  • MailControl for your domains
  • Release SPAM from the global message store
  • Tag emails as SPAM or Ham
  • View and search your emails in the global message store
  • Statistics

  • Bulk actions for your emails


Email service is a dedicated service that works autonomously from website hosting. You can create as many emails as you want and manage them with a simple and intuitive interface. You don’t need a website or web hosting.
All of the Extilum web hosting plans include email hosting. Extilum email service is perfect for anyone with a ‘parked’ domain registration without hosting.
Yes, you will need to own a domain obtained either through Extilum or a different registrar. If you already have a domain with another registrar, we can help you set up DNS records. If you transfer your domain to us, we automatically configure it to work with your email.
Extilum offers a wide variety of TLDs to choose from to showcase your business and brand. Find your new domain now!
Anyone can create a free email account and claim to be a professional. A custom email address will separate you from the spammers and scammers of the world! Some numerous studies and surveys show customers are more likely to business with those who use professional email addresses!
Extilum professional Email service is fully compatible with any device or mail client.

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