Remote Desktop Services

Move your applications to the cloud, reduce costs and save time.

Remote Desktop can help businesses reduce costs and save time. Remote Desktop enables you to connect to a session-based desktop using an Internet connection from virtually any computer, tablet, or smartphone. The computer you access is located on a cloud server, in your provider’s data center. You can install multiple desktops on one cloud server to reduce your management tasks and improve your efficiency.


RDS Benefits

Remote Desktop Services offer an ideal virtual desktop delivery model for organizations seeking a simple, easy-to-use interface for their users.

Remote App

RemoteApp is a virtual application solution that allows users to run windows-based applications regardless of what operating system they are using. It allows users to launch virtual applications from a server that appear on their computer as if it is installed locally, but in reality are running on a remote server.
The user is able to open and save files locally, or open or save to their network drives, which are accessible from the RemoteApps. Another way to think about RemoteApps would be the same as using a terminal server, except instead of interacting with an entire desktop on a server, you only interact with the application you are using.



Ready to work from anywhere, on any device!

Allow your employees to work from anywhere on any device. Just install the Remote Desktop client or use a web browser on a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.


Adapt to any situation without any delay or extra spending.

It’s an easy-to-manage solution for SMBs faced with a fluctuating workforce or business situation. It takes only minutes to provide desktops and applications for new users.


Cost Efficiency

Save money by paying only for what you use!

Extend the lifecycle of your IT assets. Because all the processing occurs at the server end, your desktops are acting as terminals and don’t need extra resources.


Leverage all the power of the Cloud.

Our enterprise-class servers, CPUs, RAM, and storage provide outstanding performance. Build your RDS infrastructure confidently.


Remote Applications

With Remote Application service you will never have to worry about maintaining your applications, enough space or a powerful enough computer to run it. It all happens in the cloud.
Keep your applications side by side it’s data on our servers. We will make sure they are all up to date. It only takes one click to access it. Need to give more employees acess? Why not, add as many users as you like.

Contact us for more details and we will help you move your office to the cloud.

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How does it work?

We install the application in an isolated environment on our server. All servers are kept up to date and have valid licenses. We make sure we regularly update/upgrade your applications as well. We create a secure connection from your workspace to our servers. All you have to do is click on a little icon we place on your desktop and you are connected directly to your server and can start using the application. You can use remote applications as a part of our Cloud Office Solution or separately as a standalone server.